Wrinkles are one of the first visible signs of skin aging, appearing mostly in the face. With age, the cells begin to age, therefore decreasing the production of collagen and elastin, responsible for the support and elasticity of the skin.

At an early stage, they appear as small, fine creases that, over the years and with an absence of care and treatment, develop into deep lines that transform the general appearance of the face, contributing to a constant state of dissatisfaction and low self-esteem.

In addition to natural aging, there is also other factors that potentiate the degradation of the facial skin, such as smoking, excessive sun exposure, taking some medications, lack of hydration among many others.

Treating them or preventing their onset is possible through various processes of deep hydration and stimulation of the collagen and elastin fibers. In addition to making your face look more youthful and healthy, they give you extra confidence over the years.

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