Termolipólise BodyConcept

This treatment is an integral part of the Esthetical Gym, an innovative idea by BodyConcept, to eliminate cellulite, flab, local fat and overweight.

The Thermo-Lipolysis equipment provides significant results in localized fat reduction and cellulite treatments, through the application of thermal bands that release heat and infrared.

The thermal effect of the thermo-lipolysis equipment favors the blood circulation, allowing the elimination of fat, liquids and the regeneration of the tissues. The increased blood flow in the subcutaneous and muscular tissues allows activating the cellular metabolism and, consequently, eliminating toxins and draining interstitial edemas.

Through the infrared effect, a sedative and anti-inflammatory effect is also provided, offering significant improvements in pain pathologies such as arthroses, arthritis and back pain.

The heat also helps in the assimilation of anti-cellulite products through the skin.

Application: infrared thermal bands are applied in the area to be treated.

Treatment Duration: 20 minutes.

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Termolipólise BodyConcept