Sagging – muscular or cutaneous – characterizes the weakened state of body tissue, being a slow and progressive process in which collagen and elastin fibers, that give support to the skin, are weakened due to several factors, such as the body`s natural aging process, sedentarism, heredity, among others.

Muscle sagging occurs due to loss of muscle tissue tonicity, resulting from lack of physical exercise, aging or even unbalanced radical diets, giving a “dropped” aspect to the body contour. It can be treated through various procedures of muscular stimulation, which guarantee the fortification of muscle tone.

Cutaneous sagging is mostly caused by decrease production of collagen and elastin, naturally occurring in the aging process, but also by weight swings, excessive sun exposure, or even unbalanced eating. Its treatment involves stimulating the production of elastin and collagen, through the advanced technology equipment, which gives a greater firmness to the skin.

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