Fundamental to maintaining healthy lifestyles that promote the well-being and general health of anyone, a meal plan suitable to the specific needs of each organism prevents the appearance of numerous diseases, and is also the greatest ally in achieving results that encourage a good physical shape.

At BodyConcept clinics, the nutritional consultations are a component part of various treatment plans, allowing for lasting and healthy results.

According to the goals and needs of each client body, BodyConcept dietitians draw up a food re-education plan, permanently accompanied and easily integrated into the individual lifestyle.

To guarantee the quality of the service provided, all our Nutritionists are registered in Association for Nutrition and the Health Regulatory Entity.

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Up to -6kg in 30 Days
Available at selected clinics

Dieta 3 Passos

With the goal of always offer the best solutions for your well-being, we have partnered with the DIETA3PASSOS® weight loss program, available in selected BodyConcept clinics. Created in 2006 to respond to the numerous cases of weight loss failure, the Diet 3 Steps uses a restrictive hypoglycemic nutritional approach, moderately hyperproteic, that allows to lose weight in a fast way, safely and effectively, without starving or losing muscle mass.

Scientifically Proven Efficiency

DIETA3PASSOS® is based on the 3 Phases Method – Catabolism and Nutrition Coaching, that is proven scientifically, in regard to its efficiency and adherence.

  1. Induction of Catabolism
  2. Metabolic Adaptation
  3. Weight Management

This division in 3 steps has 3 main objectives:

  1. Stimulate the body to metabolize the stored fat (lipid reserves) as a source of energy and accelerate the metabolism.
  2. Study the metabolic profile of each patient, through the weekly and gradual introductions of food into the Diet and stimulate the metabolism to deplete its fat storages.
  3. Provide to the patient strategies to manage the weight, so that in the future he can maintain and manage his weight, by adopting healthy lifestyles.

Follow-up and Motivation

There is no two persons that are the same, therefore each one of us has a metabolism that works differently. In this sense, DIETA3PASSOS® includes weekly consultations, where you will be evaluated in your weight loss progress and where necessary adjustments will be made to adjust the plan to your metabolism, allowing you to reach your objective more quickly. The constant and personalized follow-up, also gives you the extra motivation you need to beat overweight once and for all!

Functional Supplements

The supplements used in DIETA3PASSOS® are based on plants, 100% natural, so your safety is always guaranteed. These supplements allow you to compensate for the adjustments in your diet that`s been made to potentiate your weight loss in a healthy way.

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