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Our clinics have a wide range of specific massages, capable of meeting the different esthetic and physical needs of our clients, giving them a unique well-being.

Our estheticians have continuous training and experience in the application of different massages. Check out the offer we have for you and make your massage appointment at a BodyConcept clinic, now.

Relaxation Massage

Contributing to an overall body relaxation, the BodyConcept Relaxation Massage provides a moment of relaxation and tranquility, allowing a complete relief of everyday stress and restoring the physical and emotional balance. Made by a specialized beauty technique, with technical movements and essential oils capable of relieving muscular tensions, improving blood circulation, improving breathing, relieving swelling and injuries, and reduce stress.

Partial Relaxation Massage: located in the area that`s needed (30 minutes).

Total Relaxation Massage: complete body (45 minutes).

Chocolate Massage

This treatment deeply moisturizes the skin, returning moisture, softness and radiance, making it younger and more beautiful.

This treatment is specially recommended for people who have dehydrated skin. For those who have oily skin and acne, the treatment is not recommended. In this case we recommend only skin cleansing.

The Choco-therapy has properties besides hydration, the detoxification of the organism and reduces the formation of free radicals acting against skin aging, activating the stimulation of the growth of new elastin and collagen cells.

Treatment Duration: 30 to 50 minutes.

Candle Massage

Candle massage has recently created to provide well-being and balance to people in a time when stress is part of their daily routine.

This therapy offers the same benefits as any other relaxation massage, combining the specific benefits of essential oils, shea butter and the generated heat that favors the relaxation of the tissues.

The soft sensation of physical comfort, the reduction of stress, the reduction of fatigue and pain are some of the benefits obtained by this wonderful massage, based on superficial and deep movements.

The candles used in this massage are of 100% vegetable origin, non-toxic and antiallergenic. During the massage the candle reaches the temperature of 38º/39º, indicated to transmit to the human body a feeling of well-being, not being at all harmful to the skin.

Treatment Duration: 30 to 45 minutes.

Gold Massage

The gold massage leaves the skin with a shiny look, and besides moisturizing, bleaches blemishes, improve texture, elasticity and firmness, eliminating wrinkles and lines of expression, providing a facial rejuvenation.

Extremely effective in regenerating cells and the protection against free radicals. Thanks to its benefits, the skin becomes energized and revitalized like it is “immune” against the effects of time.

The gold massage contains calcium in its composition, a very important mineral that during the aging process have a tendency of becoming depleted in the body. The loss of calcium in the body causes fragility in general, and just like the bones, the skin becomes less resistant and dryer. That`s why the replacement of this mineral in the body is extremely important.

This treatment could be Facial or Body, and can be combined with other treatments.

Treatment Duration: 30 to 45 minutes.

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