Eletroestimulação Ginástica Passiva BodyConcept

This treatment is an integral part of the Esthetical Gym, an innovative idea by BodyConcept, to eliminate cellulite, flab, local fat and overweight.

Electro-stimulation, or passive gymnastic, is a method that uses electrodes, distributed on the body, with the objective to stimulate the white and red muscular fibers. The muscular contraction provoked promotes blood circulation, improves cellular oxygenation and eliminate toxins, at the same time that it consumes energy and burns the accumulated fat in the area being treated.

This neuro-muscular ergonomic equipment is suitable for remodeling, reducing, anti-cellulite and circulatory activation treatments.

Application: electrodes applied strategically in the areas to be treated

Treatment Duration: 20 or 30 minutes, according to the treatment defined in the morphological evaluation

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Eletroestimulação Ginástica Passiva BodyConcept