Crioterapia Ginásio da Estética BodyConcept

This treatment is an integral part of the Esthetical Gym, an innovative idea by BodyConcept, to eliminate cellulite, flab, local fat and overweight.

The cryotherapy treatment consists of the technical application of an active ingredient with a cold effect that lowers the body temperature by about 15 degrees, forcing the body to expend energy and, in this way, compensate for changes in body temperature. This increase in energy expenditure enhances the burning of accumulated fat, improves blood circulation and, consequently, the retention of liquids and(não sei a palavra certa, mas não me parece que seja spills). It also has visible results in the firmness and luminosity of the skin.

Application: the compressor belt (body), the mask (face), or the compressor sleeves (arms) are soaked in the cryo-therapeutic active ingredient and then applied in the area to be treated.

Treatment Duration: 20 minutes.

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Crioterapia Ginásio da Estética BodyConcept