Are the treatments exclusively female?

BodyConcept has a wide range of treatments and services suitable for men and women, who act according to the specific body problems of each person, regardless of gender. The only exclusive treatments for women are those included in the Monthly Program and Free Transit system, which are inserted in the Esthetical Gym, a space where each person makes their treatments in circuit. In order to provide women with greater comfort and privacy, these treatments are available to our clients. However, there is a wide range of services and other treatments that all our clients can enjoy. You can find out more about them in the treatments tab (direct link to the tab).

How can I know which treatment is best for me?

The first step in the diagnosis and definition of the most appropriate treatments for your specific case will be the realization of a free personalized morphological evaluation, that will indicate which treatments are more suitable to the particularities of each client. All evaluations include completing a detailed questionnaire, as well as performing a bio-impedance monitoring, essentials for a more complete and detailed diagnosis.

Can I combine several treatments?

Yes, of course. All treatments are advised by the morphological evaluation performed by the specialist beauty Consultant, and taking into account the results and objectives that each person wishes to obtain. These data allows to make a personalized diagnosis which may include the combination of different treatments to guarantee the efficiency of the results.

Is it necessary to supplement the treatments with specific creams?

To maximize the results, it is always recommended to use the exclusive BodyConcept cosmetic line, specifically designed to enhance the results of the treatments. Through its active ingredients, these cosmetics are a complement at home, promoting better results and improving the texture of the skin.

Are the treatments painful?

BodyConcept treatments are designed to provide maximum comfort in your application, regardless of the area to be treated. The sensation described by those who do our treatments, is mostly a slight tingle, without discomfort, which depends, however, on each body and the areas to be treated.

What side effects do the treatments have?

BodyConcept treatments have been developed to always guarantee the safety and comfort of the client. Each treatment has different methods, and it is essential to perform the free personalized morphological evaluation, in order to determine if the selected treatments are appropriate to the particularities of each client. With this aim in mind, all evaluations include the application of a detailed questionnaire as well as the performance of a bio-impedance monitoring, therefore providing all the necessary data for the diagnosis.

What treatments can I do if I`m pregnant?

Pregnancy is a phase of extreme happiness for all moms and BodyConcept`s desire is for our pregnant women to feel good. We have several treatments suitable to increase the comfort and well-being of pregnant women, and of course, ensure that all pregnant women feel beautiful during the pregnancy. At this stage, our clients can enjoy various massages, face treatments, Pressotherapy (mechanical lymphatic drainage), among other suitable solutions, to their needs, always depending on the purpose of each pregnant woman.

How can I know the price of the treatments?

BodyConcept is based on a principle of applying treatments in a personalized way and adapted to the specific needs of each client. Based on the premise each diagnosis is unique and implies a specific type of treatment and an adequate number of sessions, and the price may vary according to these factors.

Can I find treatments at all clinics?

The BodyConcept franchising network has a network of clinics implemented from north to south of the country and where you can find the great majority of the treatments and services of the brand, although there may be some exceptions regarding the availability of a specific treatment or service. Contact your preferred clinic for more information.