In 2005 we decided to create in Portugal a new way to look at the health care and beauty, bringing in to an under developed market area and little accessible, a new quality concept of esthetics, results and to which most women could have access to.

BodyConcept is born and its objective is to democratize beauty to allow that all women to treat themselves, using the latest technology and specialized professionals, but always at a smart-cost aspect.

This new way of looking at beauty was a winning bet, like the growth of the network of clinics shows, in a franchising system, with more than 40 units from north to south of the country.

We continue to grow inside the country as well as outside the country, with a solid international project and with a presence in several countries like Brazil, Poland and Cabo Verde. This growth is supported by the values and pillars of the brand and the focus in a quality service, as the more than 200.000 clients that passed through our clinics the last 10 years, can show.

Technology and quality is our present and will be our future also, always searching to have the best service, customer satisfaction and the will to bring our clinics to more cities and women, therefore contributing to your well-being and health making your day-to-day more pleasant.


Treatments and innovative beauty services of quality, suitable for a variety of diagnostics and body and facial necessities.


Combining the latest technology with specialized and trained professionals to analyze each case in a unique way, advising the most suitable and customized solution.


We believe that the well-being, that health and beauty are inherently connected, contributing to the improvement of the self-esteem and quality of life of women.


Bring out the best of each client, working for your well-being, improved self-image and health, safely and effectively, and using the latest technology and specialized resources.


- Ethic
- Professionalism
- Quality
- Innovation
- Customer and staff satisfaction


We will continue to provide the best and latest esthetic treatments and photoepilation, which allows our customers to obtain good results, safely and with quality.


Recognition of our work, both by our clients and by independent organizations that evaluate us and analyze our procedures, are the best way to measure the quality of our work. Check out some of our awards:

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