With more than 12 years of experience on the market and 50 clinics in Portugal, Poland, Brazil and Cape Verde, BodyConcept has evolved on the basis of sustained growth.

Market leader in Portugal, our international expansion is the result of an experienced team always focused on both clients and franchisees results.

Our central team ensures daily and constant monitoring, continuous training in technical and business management areas, and central organization of franchise business support – marketing, sales, human resources and finance management.


BodyConcept has the largest supply of beauty treatments on the market, offering its customers the best quality at affordable rates, including the innovative and unique Esthetical Gym, which provides its clients the opportunity to enjoy beauty treatments twice a week for a monthly flat rate.

Innovative and effective concept

Proven concept in 3 continents

The widest services offer on the market

Reduced investment

High profitability of the business

Territorial exclusivity

Central support (technical, commercial, marketing…)


We support your success, accompanying you from the implementation phase to the daily management of your business!


  • Looking for the best location
  • Store environment and layout
  • Implementation Manual
  • Corporate Identity Manual
  • Management Manual
  • Operating manual


  • Marketing support available
  • Website template
  • Intranet For Franchisees
  • Online Platforms
  • Social Media templates
  • Annual Marketing Plan template
  • Graphic and digital Designers available
  • Merchandising available


  • Operational support available
  • Certified Initial Training
  • Operational support meetings
  • Annual Convention


 BodyConcept’s ideal candidate for Master Franchisor has the following credentials:

Solid financials or access to capital

High personal standards: excellence, honesty and integrity

Passionate about the Beauty business

Committed to grow the brand in their specific country

If you think you have the profile to become a BodyConcept Master Franchisee submit an information request and we’ll contact you.


  • When I was in Portugal I had the exact feeling that there was nothing like it in Brazil: beauty treatments at a smart cost and with high quality.

    Also, it weighed heavily the fact that the originals founders and managers are highly qualified people, who think “all the time” in the business, have a highly productive methodology and consider all risk factors.

    A fact that I always remember is that on my first visit to a clinic in Portugal, I was walking when crossed with a lady and started an unpretentious conversation, and she told me she attended the Esthetical Gym for almost 10 years… that’s when I thought, I want to do it in my country!

    Caroline Ferri
    Managing Partner @ BodyConcept Brazil


The beauty industry is built on the product and services that help us look the way we want, or the way we believe we should, for personal or professional reasons.

The beauty industry is known to be resistant to economic downturns – even faring well during the Great Recession of 2008. Though consumers tend to be more price conscious during those times, they do not stop spending. So, in today’s environment of rising per capita income, the beauty business is booming.

In 2015 the industry generated $56.2 billion.

And there are a number of trends within the industry that are driving growth and revenue. Chief among them:

  • Products and services focused on our aging population – there is a large retired/retiring population and most of them have money to spend.
  • Products and services focused young adults. – in particular, millennial moms are willing to pay a premium to make sure they are fitted.

Men’s product and services – this trend is still relatively new but is expected to drive growth for years to come.


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